Discord Integration

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Discord Integration

Post by AnthonyCole »

This is a pseudo-mod that changes several gamefiles to allow Discord to display the current status of the game. It will show which map and which mode you are currently playing. It can be installed and uninstalled again with pretty much no manual work needed. The uninstall should fully restore the gamefiles to the previous state. This should work with most/any mods. It even shows when you are using the level editor.

If you install a new mod or mod version after you installed this, you will need to reinstall the Discord Integration.

It does currently not support joining/inviting for multiplayer lobbies.

Developed by AyCe with some help from Zidell. Use at your own risk and so on.

https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/572 ... /detection
The program installs a replacement/hook for PWClient, so some antivirus engines may think that it's a virus. If you download it from here, everything shoud be fine.

If you encounter permission errors during installation, try with "Start as Administrator".

>> Download <<
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Re: Discord Integration

Post by Zidell »

Now in mirage 2.6.4
Join/spectate implementation would be nice tho
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