Map Editor (SDK)

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Map Editor (SDK)

Post by Triceratops » Sat Sep 13, 2008 4:48 am

Update: Don't install the mapeditor after the Boosterpack/Gold. Only use the Boosterpack 2 or Community Fix to install the editor, if you already have one of them, you already have the SDK!

Download (not recommended): ... sdk_1a.exe

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Re: Map Editor (SDK)

Post by Scrat » Mon Nov 17, 2008 21:54 pm

In Boosterpack 2, a shortcut named "Paraworld SDK" is created. Use this only for Editor!

The Mapeditor is a seperate program which creates its own desktop icon (same picture as the one of Paraworld, the triceratops' eye, named LevelEditor).

You cannot start the Mapeditor from the game menu. If there is no desktop icon, execute it with Start-->Programs-->Sunflowers-->Paraworld-->SDK-->LevelEditor.exe

If you are creating or downloading a map you have to save the map at [...]\Sunflowers\Paraworld\Data\Base\Maps\Multiplayer to play the map in skirmish and multiplayer mode.

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