CEP 1.2.0

Makes the SEAS playable and adds features!
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CEP 1.2.0

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I'm now going to create a new thread for every new version. That makes, considering our current rate of new versions, 2 posts per year.

Community's Expansion Pack 1.2.0

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

September 2012 we finished CEP 1.1.0. Six months later, we finally have something we can call 1.2.0! Why does progress happen so slowly? That's mostly because of the small number of people contributing to the project. So, once again, we invite you to be part of our team! Don't know nothing 'bout coding, but want to give a new unit your voice? That's exactly what we are looking for! Always wanted to create your own level, but the mapeditor is confusing? Just ask us, we like to help! And finally: We are desperately looking for translators!

So, although we would have loved to bring you much more content, this release is more than necessary. Look at the changelog in the readme file for a full list of changes and fixes. Here are the highlights:

It replaces the Ninja Monkey as the SEAS' scouting unit. It can now correctly gather 75 wood at once and with the upgade 75 stone. The sightrange has been increased as well.

CEP Icon
Nothing gameplay-relevant, but thanks to Kharg, we now got a cool new CEP-icon!

Mirage features
Many features, like the camera system, game time display or wild animals' behaviour have been imported from Mirage to the CEP by Henry. Thanks!

The pirate king is now an amphibian hero, because he's riding a baryonyx. How cool is that?! However, the pirate harbour, as well as the overpowered pirate ship have been removed. Sad? Well, it doesn't quite make sense for one hero to unlock 4 new objects, does it? The Dunkleosteus Guard is now the only unit unlocked. We will balance it to be more useful in the next versions, at the moment it's a good close combat naval unit. Apart from that, you might reencounter the pirate ship in some future CEP-missions.

The Trader can now call his two brothers, Barry and Harry, for help to assist him in difficult situations. Also, his Zeppelin is now built by placing it from the Trader's build menu.

These have been removed, as well as the Amazon Temple. The four Dino Riders remain Tarna's special units. We will work to make them more useful in future version as well. For now, most of them are quite strong.

Original Campaign
You should now be able to play the original campaign without the new heroes. Certain units have been disabled for the AI as well (like Babbit's Exo), whereas the AI is now theoretically allowed to build Gunners and Flamethrowers without the Heroes needed.

The CEP-launcher has been improved to check for an updated version automatically. It won't download it, but it will tell you whether your version is still up-to-date.

Oh, and I had to reupload the installer 3 times to fix some last-second-bugs with SEAS Mission 4.1-4.3.

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Re: CEP 1.2.0

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Great work, I will download and test it as soon as possible

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