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- Replay FAQ (english) -

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Replay FAQ:

Where are replay files stored?

In your Documents folder at /SpieleEntwicklungsKombinat/Paraworld/Replays/Profilname/

There's no Profile folder in my Replay folder, what now?

That's probably because there wasn't yet a replay made on your profile. Just create a folder with your profile name and copy the replays into that folder.

How can I watch the replay?

Start the game, click "Load Game" and click the tab "Replays" to select your replay.

Which buttons can I use to change the gamespeed and select the players?

- Use + and - to change the gamespeed
- Use Alt+1, Alt+2 etc. to change the player whose viewpoint you watch the replay from

I can't save the replay, why is that?

Only the host of the game can save the replay. If you play on a dedicated server all replays are automatically stored on the server. You can enter a custom name and save the replay under that name on the Dedicated Server.
That's how it was at the time the Demo was released.

How do I get the replays from Dedicated Servers?

Some replays of the Demo Cup will be made available for download by MySkulls. After ParaWorld has been released, there will be a different mechanism in place, but more on that later.
Source: http://myskulls.esl.eu/de/info/faq_replays/
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