Map: Island Battle

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Map: Island Battle

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Island Battle is a watermap of 90% and landmap 10%. Everbody have 2 more only islands. First island is your base on another two island can you build on this. The Island is small to build you base.. The Building site is too small of all six island. On Domination are seven island with the dominations-flag on it.

Players: 4 (2-vs-2-map)
Theme: Northland
Modi: Domination/Deathmatch
Map:(de): Inselkampf
(288.23 KiB) Downloaded 251 times
(292.47 KiB) Downloaded 244 times
Map gewerten mit Punkte:
0-1 = sehr schlecht
2 = schlecht
3 = gut
4-5 und hoher = sehr gut

mfg timopw
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