Map Zaginiony swiat

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Map Zaginiony swiat

Post by tomeis »

Zaginiony świat (english Lost World)
Autor / Author Leighton (from polish forum)
(570.03 KiB) Downloaded 459 times
Polish Translator of Boosterpack, SEASMOD/CEP and Mirage(Funmode)
Forum dla polskich graczy

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Re: Map Zaginiony swiat

Post by MrMorgana »

thanks tomeis for posting this map and 'Leighton' for making it :D
albeit needing some fixing (like treasure chest) its a great 2 vs 2 map
i very like it

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Re: Map Zaginiony swiat

Post by Triceratops »

Thanks Leighton, it's nice to see a new fanmade map

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Re: Map Zaginiony swiat

Post by Leighton »

Thanks, i plan to make more maps :D

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Re: Map Zaginiony swiat

Post by AnthonyCole »

The map was added to the mappack.

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