Paraworld VS

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Paraworld VS

Post by Marcusaralius76 »

8 months after my last video, I'm going to start a new series for Paraworld called "Paraworld VS" where I pit different combinations of units against each other (lvl 5 viking warrior vs lvl 5 samurai, lvl 5 Trex vs army of lvl 2 spearmen, etc). This would be several videos, and I would need another player to make the opposing force since I can't control 2 armies at once. Anyone up for it?

Will be done in CEP.
Troops will have all upgrades.

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Re: Paraworld VS

Post by Boristeam09 »

I am free in about two weeks, but I guess you do not want to wait so long. Anyway, if you still have not found anyone I will be your man at that time.
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