Army Controller - Description

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Army Controller - Description

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By Julian (SEK)

Army Controller 101
So, since the demo just came out it may not hurt to give you guys a quick overview regarding the Army Controller. Of course, I'd also recommend taking a look at the HTML file detailing the controls that comes along with the demo or can be found here.

However, here are some key functions of the AC - in some case it's possible to pull of an action in several ways:

Maximize/Minimize AC: Press the TAB-Key or right-click the green epoch bar to the left

Unit Status:

- HP: the bar below the unit icon is the unit’s HP indicator
- Activity: small symbols within a unit’s icon provide information regarding the unit’s activity. The sword symbol means that a unit is currently fighting, the shield symbol hints at idle military units. Idle workers again are marked with a blue “zZz”. Saw and hammer symbol are being displayed whenever a worker is building or repairing something respectively. Wood, stone and food indicators will be shown whenever a worker is gathering one of these resources. A little circle can be seen if a unit happens to be in/on a transporter.
- Level-up: a yellow sergeant symbol will appear within the unit icon when you amassed enough skulls to promote a unit to the next level

Selecting a unit: left-click a unit’s icon

Selecting several units:

- Open a selection box in the AC. Works like a standard selection box. The cursor has to be positioned above the AC when you try to open the box.

- Keeping the CTRL key pressed while selecting one unit after another

Select units of the same type: to select all units of the same type within a level, keep the ALT button pressed and double-click a unit icon with the left mouse button.

Promoting a unit: very important, since units can be levelled up through the AC without you being required to actually have them selected, enabling the player to keep his units alive during battle efficiently – granted he has the required amount of skulls and a free slot in the upper level, of course.

- right-click a unit icon
- move a unit icon up to a level of your choice via drag&drop

Moving unit(s) to the position of some other unit via AC: Want to move a unit to the position of another unit without having to search either of them? Like, for instance, a healer to a soldier that was wounded in battle? No problem. Pick the unit(s) you want to move, keep the ALT button pressed and right-click the icon of the unit you want the other units to go to.

You can load units into/onto transporters the very same way.


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