New playstyle

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New playstyle

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to ask all of you who are working on the mods for this awesome game about something, which sounds like music to my ears everytime I hear or think about it.

Everyone knows Starcraft, right? Well then you probably heard of Legacy of the Void's new playstyle. ARCHON MODE. I wanted to know if it is possible for the game modders to put this playstyle in ParaWorld. Imagine it.
You want to play PW with some friends, but don't want to do a 2v2 with bots, a 1v1 with eachother, but work with eachother... as a single tribe. Imagine 2 people controlling one tribe. Wouldn't that be awesome? I don't know if it's too hard or if it would take to long to make, but please put down some answers beneath this post and let me know. I would do it if I had some experience about game development, but unfortunatly I have none. And think about it. You are the people who to this day still make new maps, new A.I. ,a multitribe option/setting, new special units (including the flying units with the new animations) and a whole new tribe.

And I have many more ideas. Things like HD-Texture packs or maybe even more new units and heroes. Please think about it. :)
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