Paraworld 2?

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Paraworld 2?

Post by LoRd »

So,I finished the game and I play it everyday,and I wonder,will there be a sequel to this awesome piece,because the dinos are now on Earth,right???What do you think about PW2?Also is there any official word?

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Re: Paraworld 2?

Post by AnthonyCole »

Since the SEK is no more, I guess that Ubi (they own the rights now) have little desire to create a sequel to an unknown game. One of the developers planned on buying the rights to Paraworld (several years ago), but afaik he hasn't done that yet.

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Re: Paraworld 2?

Post by Triceratops »

Hi LoRd, welcome to the Para-welt forum :) Except for the mods CEP and Mirage there are no plans for more products for the game yet. Maybe the license will be bought by another company one day, like Wiggles was, but there is no information about a sale yet

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