Paraworld dummy error

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Paraworld dummy error

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Hello, I installed paraowarld and everywhere in the menu and in the game there is no text, but dummy how to fix it?

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Re: Paraworld dummy error

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4. **If you have problems with text or bug named (!DUMMY!)
D_ALL_ .LMF files from ...Data\Base\Texts and boosterpack1.lmf from ...Data\BoosterPack1\Texts*

Check them, like open any of these with Notepad, and see what kind of language displays first string like ru, en, uk, de.
Than go to your settings folder: documents/username/Spielwin....kombinat/settings.cfg
And search for string named language
The symbols must be the same as in all .LMF files
If you still have any questions, plz visit our Discord server, for more detailed help.

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