Marine Animals

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Marine Animals

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The Kronosaurus was a short-necked carnivorous marine reptile (plesiosaur) which grew to be up to 9 m in length. It had four flippers, a huge (up to 2.7 m long) strong-jawed head, and a short, pointed tail. The Kronosaurus lived during the early Cretaceous period.

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Re: Marine Animals

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The Liopleurodon was a short-necked, carnivorous, aquatic lizard (plesiosaur) which grew to a length of 9 m. It had four flippers, a short tail and was presumably a versatile hunter. Liopleurodon lived during the Callovian stage of the Middle Jurassic Period (c. 160 million to 155 million years ago).

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Re: Marine Animals

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Mureanosaurus was a carnivorous plesiosaur of a size of 6 meters, endowed with an extremely long neck and with a body of big size. It lived in Europe during the late Jurassic. It had fins on the place of feet. Its name means "similar lizard of the sea eels".

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