Troop Deployments?

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Troop Deployments?

Post by Marcusaralius76 »

When going up against a well-defended fortress with only 52 troops, you have to choose between either throwing everything at it at once, or picking a few troops to go forward at a time.

My strategy:
Send siege canons in first, send in low/middle tier troops when they retaliate, and back up a little bit to draw their troops away from their defenses. Follow up by getting high level troops between them and their walls. Follow up by having the siege weapons keep their fire up.

Send in the high level troops first, then use low level ranged to pick off the strong ones, and focus the siege weapons on towers to help keep your high levels alive.

What are your strategies and tactics when taking on a large set of defenses, or when taking on a large force in general?

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Re: Troop Deployments?

Post by AnthonyCole »

I prefer to attack with everything at once, using aggressive walk. It's OK against stupid AI. But in MP this is not recommended ^^

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