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Greetings, dear readers!

All of us happened to be members of SEK, and maybe you know us from updates such as The Battle of the Cheesecake Giants, Of Moose and Men or Back in Action.

We're glad we had the chance to work on two titles that certainly enriched the gaming landscape. Our own concepts, brought to live through the time and energy every member of SEK contributed. If you've followed our updates regularly or even got to visit our office at some point, you know the creative spirit that drove our team.

We'd like to take this opportunity to send out a big and sincere 'Thanks' to everyone who supported us in the past year. This especially includes all Diggles and Paraworld fans, but also those who participated and helped us in other ways. We thank people like Dennis, Karim, Clemens, Martijn, Gorm, Poot or dredd for having created and run fan sites or roaming our forum for such a long time. Same for the whole MySkulls team and all those players out there that actively participated in the beta test of Paraworld. Naturally, this is only an excerpt of the list of people we want to thank personally. If we were to name them all, that easily would be enough content for several updates.

A big 'Thanks' to the ESL and the NGL for all the work your crews did, Pendulum Studios for the terrific Paraworld intro, Dynamedion for the exceptional soundtrack, Men in Text for the script and the German voice recordings and to all the others we've had the pleasure working with during the course of production!

The Booster Pack, which we slightly hinted at in the last update, happens to be our final work on Paraworld. We consider it a 'Good Bye' gift. The 'When' and 'How' details of its release, however, are, like the support for Paraworld, ultimately in the hands of the publisher.

And even if the mysterious legion of ninja monkeys goes under cover for now - we'd be surprised if Paraworld would forever be the only game to get their official seal of approval.

Bidding farewell

your team, in particular

Andrej Treskow-Programming
Benjamin Sauder-Sequences
Carsten Orthbandt-Programming (Managing Director)
Christoph Pech-Programming
Claudia Krueger-Level Design
David Fraaß-3D-Modelling
Ingo Neumann-3D-Modelling (Managing Director)
Jasmin Kassner-Programming
Julian Dasgupta-PR/Community
Marcel Ludwig-3D-Modeling + Sequences
Marco Roeth-Animation
Nadine Zdanowicz-Team Assistent
Steffen Unger-3D-Modelling
Ninja Monkeys-Mysterious Secret Stuff

Disclaimer: Dear friends of speculation and rumor mongers - even though it should highly and mind-numbingly obvious, the domain name of this website certainly is not meant to hint at a new project. was a joke we registered approximately 80 millions ago. To this day, its sole purpose was hosting this remarkably brilliant picture.

Impressum: Carsten Orthbandt, Baumschulenstrasse 102, 12437 Berlin,
This page and the domain are not provided by the SEK GmbH but a personal statement of the aforementioned persons.