CEP 1.2.2

Makes the SEAS playable and adds features!
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CEP 1.2.2

Post by AnthonyCole » Sun Jun 08, 2014 18:27 pm

Community's Expansion Pack 1.2.2

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

Like last time - this patch is finished for months already. Since progress on the CEP ranges from slow to frozen, I think it's the best if we just release this tiny bugfix now. I don't think it has been thoroughly tested - but go ahead and try it out! If you find new bugs, we will fix them. Probably.

Here are the changes:

The passive-AI bug
Years ago, when we were still experimenting with scripting stuff, we made a major mistake - we uncommented a line that should have stayed commented. This caused the passive AI bug. It's now fixed. Oh, and we even taught the AI to use its carrier for fishing!

Flash effects
Whenever certain events happen in the game (big animal dies, unit is produced, etc) flash effects are played. These were removed by a so-called "blood patch". We now fixed this (a little bit).

Cheats warning
A panel will now display a cheat warning in the main menu if cheats are active.

And some other small things - mostly irrelevant for you.

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Re: CEP 1.2.2

Post by Triceratops » Mon Jun 09, 2014 20:37 pm

Wird morgen mal getestet, Danke Ayce

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Re: CEP 1.2.2

Post by jiajia » Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:28 am

It's greatest

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